Our Story

Our Story


VERTEX Apparel was born and nurtured by our travels and our passion for graphic T-shirts. Be it from listening to live performances at CBGB’s NYC or wandering the alleys of the LA Garment District looking for the newest fashion. Always seeking inspiration... We later expanded our minds and horizons in Frisco dancing at the concert venues. We then took a global sojourn…

Over the years VERTEX has visited the best factory workshops across Asia and Central America. We have now partnered with top manufacturers to produce best in class for you the decorator.

VERtically controlling quality in TEXtiles

VERTEX continues to evolve and be inspired by the people we meet. Proud to offer our collections to creative decorators. Now shipping daily from Greenville - Spartanburg, SC.

VERTEX 3P’s: Product, Printers, Passion. We embody personalized service to our loyal base.

Authentic Printer’s Shirt. The Decorator’s Choice. Premium Fabrics. Retail Quality. Made with Integrity. Trendy and Stylish. We are VERTEX.